SVN repositories up

Added by Johannes Hirche over 8 years ago

SVN repositories are up and running now and can be found at:



Commits are being checked against typical mistakes
  • No commit message
    The server will not allow commits without a commit message. You need to add some comment about what you committed.
    You can directly link to tickets in the system by writing refs #ticketnr, and even close them by writing closes #ticketnr
  • Wrong files/folders
    The server will automatically block some files/folders as they should never be added to the svn.
    thumbs.db, .mayaSwatches, vs9.0, any preview files from the plugin (_temp), log files and intermediate files.
    In case you added one of those the server will block your commit and you will have to unadd (it's in the svn menu) the file/folder before you can commit

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