Daniel Axelsson

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08:28 am Questionable Heroes questionable_post_mortem.doc
Post Mortem


11:28 pm Questionable Heroes Task #752 (Closed): texturing props-bridges
11:23 pm Questionable Heroes 5.00 hours (Task #1068 (Closed): Game Testing - QA bugsearching)
11:23 pm Questionable Heroes Task #1068 (Closed): Game Testing - QA bugsearching
11:19 pm Questionable Heroes Task #1032 (Closed): New Level 1
11:19 pm Questionable Heroes 3.00 hours (Task #1067 (In Progress): Planning for SGA trip - merch etc.)
11:19 pm Questionable Heroes Task #1067 (In Progress): Planning for SGA trip - merch etc.
Doing some planning for the sga trip. Talking to the SGA people about what needs to be done. Fixing merch, organizing...
11:16 pm Questionable Heroes 4.00 hours (Task #1066 (Closed): Poster objects lighting and rendering)
11:16 pm Questionable Heroes Task #1066 (Closed): Poster objects lighting and rendering
Setting up a few renders to be used for the poster.
11:10 pm Questionable Heroes Task #211: Planning and management
Haven't logged much here recently, but a lot has been going on. During the end of the project the tempo stepped up dr...

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