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02:58 pm Break no sweat Break No Sweat.zip
12:42 pm Break no sweat Break No Sweat.zip
Final release


01:16 pm Break no sweat Week 7
Pontus made a DLL-plugin (Writing to file) for High-score. Implemented during the week. A high-score scene was made a...


11:32 am Break no sweat Week 6
This week the game was balanced and new enemies were implemented. Additional menus were added and a dll-plugin was pl...
10:46 am Break no sweat Task #13104 (Completed): Collision


11:34 am Break no sweat Week 5
Here Pontus implemented new HUD for game, levels were being imported into Unity from Tiled, Pär made artwork for new ...
11:19 am Break no sweat Week 4
This week powerups were created along with player stats, and simple AI for monsters were implemented using some of th...
11:13 am Break no sweat Week 3
Here Pontus, Marcus began looking into random-dungeon generation and rougelike 2D unity tutorials in general. William...
11:10 am Break no sweat Week 2
This week sprite-sheets for in-game character (player) was created, movement was implemented and collision was starte...
11:08 am Break no sweat Week 1
First week we tried out unity, tried to get a grip on it. Watched tutorials and in small degree began developing the ...

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